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October 6, 2018 Waterway Cleanup

On October 6th we are hosting an International Coastal Cleanup event which is being sponsored by DOW. The event is in partnership with the Ocean Conservancy and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. This work day will be dedicated to cleaning up our lakes, ponds and streams.

 With all that is going on in the natural world, we are committed to doing all that we can to make a positive and lasting impact where we can. And we would love for you, your organization and partners to join us. DOW has adopted the hashtag: #PullingOurWeight and we second that emotion. So if you are able to join us, then please let me know.

 The work day begins at 9:00am. We will work until 12:45 and lunch will be served at 1:00pm. Meal cleanup and networking until 2:00pm. Community service volunteers have the potential to earn 5 hours of time at this one event.

Contact: Arden Williams 215-785-1177 or