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Some Recent Commonly Asked Questions (including “covid procedures”) ~ Answered

To answer some recent commonly asked questions & some friendly reminders:

-Delhaas Woods is part of Silver Lake Nature Center. (It is located across Bath Rd. from where the SLNC Visitors’ Building is.) There are clearly marked Trails.

-Fishing is permitted (with a license) at Silver Lake Park and at Magnolia Lake (not on the Nature Center Grounds). There are fishing line recycling containers at both locations. Please use these.

Bicycles are NOT permitted on the Nature Center Trails/Grounds. (Bicycles are permitted -with respect to walkers/rollers- on the blacktop Trails at Silver Lake PARK.)

ATVs (and other Motorized Vehicles/Bikes/Quads/etc) are NOT PERMITTED on Bucks County Parks-Nature Centers Trails/Grounds.

-Kayak/Canoes are welcome in Silver Lake and/or Magnolia Lake. A current Bucks County Permit is required to be on the boat. To obtain a Permit, please click here or contact our Main Office at Core Creek Park (215-757-0571).

-There are trash bins near the SLNC Parking Lot and trash cans throughout Silver Lake Park. Please either use them or take your trash with you.

-Dogs are permitted but must be on a leash (no more than 6 ft. long. “Animals must be under immediate control of a competent person.”) and picked up after.

-“Take only photos. Leave only footprints.” (Do not remove anything except trash.)

-“Do not feed the waterfowl (Geese, Ducks, Gulls, etc) – for their health. It creates dependence, promotes the spread of disease, and upsets the natural cycles. They foul our shores, pollute our waters, and drive away timid species. Issued by the Bucks County Dept. of Parks & Recreation. Ordinance #95, Section 38.b – Fines up to $300 will be issued.” Thank you!!

-SLNC Trails are open daily from Sunrise to Sunset.

-The SLNC Visitors’ Building is Open: Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 4pm; Sundays from Noon to 4pm; & Closed on Mondays.

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful Outdoors while also being mindful of social distancing guidelines. Stay safe and enjoy!


Please click on the link to view SLNC’s “covid procedures” for camp/school-year programs:  SLNC Covid Safety Procedures