Guided Nature Hikes for Groups (schools, preschools, camps, meetup groups, adults, homeschool groups, scouts, workplace teams, senior groups, families, and any others) are also always available. Any of the topics listed below are also available for all groups. (Scroll down for pricing.)

Stay for a Picnic! The SLNC Pavilion Rental Fee (of $80) is waived as part of the program. Just let us know if you’d like to arrive early or stay after for a picnic.

** To schedule a program and/or for additional info, contact PattiAnn Cutter at or 267-880-5022.**


Our experienced and knowledgeable Educators offer Environmental Lessons tailored to specific age/grade levels. 

The following is just a short list of our specialized programs. If there is a Science/Nature-related topic that you’d like, but don’t see listed, please let us know.


Programs are available for ALL groups (MIN #12) ~ Schools, Homeschool Groups, Camps, and Other Groups.


Watersheds & Wetlands

Did you know Silver Lake’s watershed starts by the Oxford Valley Mall? Take a Watershed Walk and learn how to identify a watershed. Investigate water quality, and explore wetlands to learn their importance. This program addresses the entire PA     Watershed and Wetlands Standard when accompanied by the in-class portion.


Pond Study

Using nets, hand lenses, identification charts, and collection trays students will collect a variety of aquatic organisms and learn how plants and animals interact in a pond. This class emphasizes the community aspect of an aquatic environment and how that relates to a healthy pond habitat.


Earthship Lab

Using water samples collected from Silver Lake and other Wetlands, students get a close-up look at what lives in these habitats. Students use microscopes, identification charts, petri dishes, trays. This program is often done in conjunction with the Pond Study and Watersheds/Wetlands programs.


Nature Discovery Hike

Have you ever sat on a boardwalk in the middle of a marsh and listened for animals with “deer ears” or walked down a forest trail looking for hidden objects? Students use their five senses or ‘tools’ to experience and explore the Natural world.


Habitats Are Where It’s At!

Students will explore meadow, stream, marsh, and forest, searching for the ingredients that make up a good habitat. We’ll learn how people can protect and improve animal habitats.


Insect Search

Using various collection tools, students will explore the beautiful Trails of SLNC, making stops along the way to search for Insects and other small creatures of the forest.







At SLNC: $8.00/person ($10 in May) for 60-90 minute program. $10/person ($12 in May) for an Extended-stay (3-hours) option (which includes two programs and time for lunch). MIN # is 12.

At your location: pricing starts at $300 for a one-hour program. (If driving distance is more than 15 miles away from SLNC, there will be an additional fee for mileage.)

Please note for all programs scheduled for a group: A deposit of $100.00 is required to secure date. Balance due on or before day of program. No refund of deposit unless program is canceled by SLNC.

Programs done at our site include a walk on our beautiful Trails, as well as use of our Pavilion for picnic lunch and our “Natural Play Area for Children.”

** To schedule a program and/or for additional info, contact PattiAnn Cutter at or 267-880-5022.**


For info for younger students, please click here.


Group kayaking programs are not currently available.