Red-eared Slider


I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED THROUGH September 2021 by Marie Roarty in memory of her father, Nick Boruch. THANK YOU MARIE!

The Red-eared Slider is not native to Pennsylvania. For years, before it was banned, Red-eared sliders were sold as pets. Little did people know that a Red-eared slider can live 70 or 80 years! So many Red-eared Sliders were released into local bodies of water by well meaning people who thought they were doing the turtle a favor. But, the Red-eared slider competes with the Red-bellied turtle for similar food and basking resources. Our turtle is here to educate people about how the introduction of non-native species can be destructive to the native species. We still want our turtle well cared for! She is an omnivore eating both meat and vegetation. She likes to chase and eat feeder fish (small non-native goldfish). Her aquarium needs to be kept filtered and clean. Like all of our animals, we want her to have an annual checkup at the Doctors.

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