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Silver Lake Nature Center's Mission Statement:

The Silver Lake Nature Center inspires connections with nature for people of all ages, interests, and abilities through education, recreation, preservation, research, and advocacy. 

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Explore 235 acres of woods, lakes, wetlands, and meadows.

The Nature Center grounds have about 4.5 miles of Nature Trails which are routed through or near the various habitats. The grounds are maintained to enhance the diversity of plant and animal life. The habitats include the Coastal Plain Forest, Lake, Marshes, Swamp, Stream, Ponds, Unglaciated Bog, and Meadows. Protected within the park are 43 Pennsylvania Species of Special Concern. Silver Lake provides refuge for the Red-bellied Turtle while the marsh is home for the Coastal Plain Leopard Frog.

Contact us at 215-785-1177 or SilverLakeNatureCenter@buckscounty.org.